The Power Kitten at the Perth festival

Five Short Blasts for the Power Kittens in Western Australia

When Perth Festival’s Production Manager Elliot Chambers turned up at the door of Shockwave Marine’s cat-building facility in Bibra Lake in Perth, he seemed a little stressed...
Andrew Wright

No Knowledge Gaps When The Skipper Was The Rescue Boat Builder

It was love at first sight for teenager Andrew Wright when he came across a rescue cat on the Swan River. 16 years later, Andrew is a dedicated sea rescue and boat building specialist. Although he now focuses on custom building vessels, he still manages to devote 40 hours a month to Cockburn Volunteer Sea Rescue.

Custom Breaksea a Treat – A review in the West Australian

We've just completed our 5th custom leisure craft. Mike Brown, boat reviewer for The West Australian’s 'On the Water' supplement, took a spin in the Breaksea Nine Metre. Thanks Mike for your endorsement and the nice review.