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Timeless craftsmanship combined with cutting edge techniques

Our approach at Shockwave Marine is to work transparently and with an open door. We are honest and engage with our clients regularly to ensure they are satisfied and the product meets their expectations.

Securing and maintaining our client’s confidence drives the way we manage projects.

SOS repairs

Comprehensive mobile marine mechanical service

We have over 10 years of specialist Mercruiser training and authorised Yanmar technicians and we can work on everything from small outboards to the largest high speed diesel engines.

We’re the prefered maintenance supplier for Fremantle and Cockburn Sea Rescue Groups.

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Andrew Wright

The Shockwave Fleet

We specialise in powered catamarans for rescue services and fishing fanatics

Powered catamaran doing rescue boat in the open sea

Rescue Vessel

Reliance Series

A stable, high performance workhorse in a range of applications. The vessel is fast, yet easy to manoeuvre, extremely stable and able to go anywhere, in any conditions.

Lobster fishing in Western Australia

Recreation & Fishing

Breaksea Series

Our Shockwave craftsmen are experts in capturing the imagination of seafarers. Choose from multiple cabin designs and a world of other custom options to see your dream take shape.

The Power Kitten in the open water

Baby Cat

Power Kitten

Originally designed for the Perth Festival 2019 the Power Kitten is now universally available. A light vessel for 6 passengers including skipper. (No longer in production.)

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Shockwave Workshop

About Us

Shockwave Marine is a small, dedicated team based in Western Australia. Boatbuilding and marine mechanics are in our blood.

We are passionate about delivering the best for our customers, and not happy until our customers are!

Combined, our team brings together an incomparable depth and breadth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the marine industry, from design drafts to build to final launch and even maintenance. We also have excellent connections within the marine industry, which expands the right specialist skills, so we can tackle the most demanding projects.

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What our customers say about us

Shockwave Marine makes catamarans of exceptional quality. They are structurally sound, and have integrity we can trust. These powercats, in my opinion, are the best on the market. I’ve had experience of aluminium and other cats, and the Shockwave cats far exceed any of those. Andrew Wright is very professional and leads an innovative company.

Andrew and the team at Shockwave have produced an outstanding recreational boat. The performance of our 9 metre powercat in any sea condition far surpasses any other powercat that I have experienced. The workmanship and pride in the product is evident in the build quality and reliability of the vessels – and the proof is in the sea trial where the boat is sure footed and extremely competent. I could not recommend this company more highly.

Shockwave puts out another high quality offering with rock solid composure. A clue to the quality of Shockwave’s boats hits the eye on entering its workshop. Calling it a factory would hardly do it justice – perhaps studio would be a better word.